2nd edition of the course “Learn to make a digital marketing plan in the food sector”

ESIF launches the 2nd edition of the course “Learn to make a digital marketing plan in the food sector”

ESIF “FMCG & Digital Marketing School” launches this course tutored by Eduardo Martínez, CEO of the on-line marketing agency Grupo Genyen Digital, who has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of digital marketing, which has focused on a practical course to succeed on the Internet in the field of food, beverages and consumer goods.


Eduardo Martínez Sánchez, CEO of the agency Grupo Genyen, presents the second edition of the course “Learning to make a digital marketing plan step by step in the food sector.” This is a program that will allow all interested to be trained in a specialized and detailed manner for the creation and development of a line marketing plan under the tutelage of Eduardo Martínez to ensure the success of your project.

The course is aimed at executives, marketing and communication directors, managers or anyone who wants to make a living more than with a single co-worker, the computer. The tutor assures that nothing else is necessary to succeed with an online business, apart from knowing the correct mechanisms and strategies that, precisely, is what this course provides. In ‘Learning to make a step-by-step digital marketing plan’, all the secrets and tools necessary to achieve success are offered, which Eduardo Martínez has harvested in these last 15 years of experience without hesitation.

The course, which begins on October 22, 2018 and ends on December 7, 2018, aims to give a twist to the conception that students may have about digital maketing through innovative teaching.

“Know How” innovative to make a “Digital Marketing Plan” of success

The course is designed so that anyone can follow it without problem. To this end, live classes, explanatory videos of each subject, documentation and practical examples will be carried out, which will be available later on the course platform (plandemarketing.digital). In this way, the schedule and the needs of any student are not an impediment, thus becoming a fully accessible program.

Also, the commitment to the students by the teaching team is total since it will guide the students throughout the process to ensure the achievement of the objectives. And it is that the course puts at the disposal of the user the most outstanding tools of the digital marketing with discounts to obtain his greater performance.

The course is a unique opportunity to enjoy the knowledge of Eduardo Martínez, and also to obtain the knowledge and a diploma accredited by the European Digital Marketing Association (EUDMA). The tutor will instruct students in the most appropriate methodology when creating a digital marketing plan.

Eduardo Martínez Sánchez

Eduardo Martínez Sánchez is a professional who has a long career in the field of online marketing, and, although he has worked on projects of various kinds, he has specialized in the food industry. In addition to his work as CEO of Grupo Genyen Digital, the expert is a teacher in the main business schools such as ESIC, ICEMD, the European Business School, the European University of Madrid and has even worked as a teacher in the “Google Academies” , as well as in different conferences for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, on marketing and digitalization of food.

This course has helped numerous companies achieve their sales and expansion objectives. Now, he wants to transfer all that knowledge to anyone who is willing to give a turn to everything he considered already established.

You can get more information about the course in plandemarketing.digital

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Eduardo Martínez

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